Quest Vzg G1 Ultra-Portable 22" Electric Skateboard with 400W Motors & Wireless Remote Control, Black


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VZG G1: Ultra-Portable, Electric Skateboard

  • 22” Retro Mini-Cruiser
  • Dual Direct Drive with 2x200W (Total 400W) continuous power. Hub Motors deliver superior traction, acceleration, and braking performance. No belts to break or replace.
  • Top speed of 11 mph, Accelerates in <6 seconds (typical rider/conditions)
  • 5 mile range (typical rider/conditions)
  • Maximum incline 20%, maximum rider weight 200 pounds
  • Ultra-light weight: 8.5 pounds
  • Limited Warranty: Return for replacement or repair within 7 days of purchase due to defects in materials or workmanship, Return for repair only within 90 days of purchase due to defects in materials or workmanship. Other limitations apply – Accident or misuse voids warranty. No warranty coverage for wear items.

Suitable User

  • Recommended for experienced skateboard riders age 8 and older under adult supervision
  • Unisex
  • Max weight limit 200 lbs


  • Complete Package includes skateboard, wireless Bluetooth 4.0 remote control with replaceable batteries, and charger. Skateboard has power on/off switch, power indicator, and 4 LED lights to show battery charge level. UL Listed wall charger takes AC 120-240V input, outputs 29.4 VDC/2A, and charge complete indicator light

About VZG Skateboards

  • At VZG we are passionate about developing fun, easy to use, practical alternatives in personal transportation. Our team blends together years of experience in traditional skateboarding with the youthful energy of a high technology start-up to develop innovative electric skateboards and scooters. Our design philosophy is to build affordable, stylish products for kids, teens, and adults alike that make skating or scooting easier, faster, and more fun.

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